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who's Jess?

I'm a wife & mommy to a baby girl.

I am a marketer turned entrepreneur & health coach.

I completed my post-grad training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Matthew Kenney Culinary, and a women's hormone apprenticeship with the amazing Nicole Jardim.

My goal in life is to make the world a healthier place, starting with my home (Philly, haay.) And by healthy, I mean that still includes fun, and wine, and sometimes (good) coffee, and girl talk, and nights out to dinner, and of course GOOD FOOD. Preach.


who's Kate?

I'm a blogger, plant-based recipe developer, and yogi.

Briefly in marketing until I said, "Nahhh", and went after what I REALLY wanted as an entrepreneur in the world of wellness.

Currently completing my plant based chef certification with Rouxbe Cooking School. I blog about what has allowed me to feel GOOD, like meditation, self care & of course, GOOD food. 

My goal? Inspire women to stop hating stuff about themselves, and start celebrating themselves. I want to keep things real. So no diets, no labels, no BS. Just GOOD FOOD for GOOD MOODS. 

In addition to The Society, we believed GOOD had more potential.

There was the opportunity to connect online, and beyond. 

So, we created Philly's first wellness festival.  You won't want to miss it...

GOOD. A one-day wellness experience coming to Philadelphia, April 22, 2017. 



But enough about us, 

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