Because of the digital nature of our membership - unfortunately we do not offer any refunds.

Seasonal or yearly? Hmm.

Commitment phobe? We’ve all known one. If you are the one with cold feet, that’s ok. Ease in with a season, feel damn GOOD, and return for more.

We believe that sustainable, long-term change requires more than a 30 day challenge or a ten day quick fix. That’s why we developed this program. It allows you to make changes every day, year-round.  Our format allows for seasonally inspired ingredients and dishes that leave you feeling creative, and satisfied.

Benefits to a yearly membership? Yeah - you get fresh content year-round. But we also dive into deeper discussions in our materials and in our conversations to get to the core of health and wellness (and a ‘health and wellness’ that works for YOU). And, you get the opportunity to build relationships with fellow society members and us.

Last thing - it’s cheaper per day, per week, when you sign up for the full year. #bargainshopping

Listen, we don't want to take over your life. We want you to be able to find MORE balance, not less of it! So the Society is exactly what YOU want it to be. A fun check in here and there, or something you like to be a part of daily. We aim to keep our dinner recipes to less than 30 minutes, so there's that. 

What is the time commitment like?

100%! The recipes are scalable so you can feed 1 or you can feed whoever is in your house just by doubling or tripling a recipe. Our goal is to give you recipes that everyone will enjoy - good flavors, but good for you.

Is this possible with a family to feed?

That’s ok! We have structured the meals so that the ingredients are simple and whole, therefore found in most grocery stores.

And, for anything more difficult to find locally, we will provide some resources and tips on finding some of those items online (if you're interested!). Because it’s 2016, and Amazon Prime might have you covered!  

What if I don't have a Whole Foods?

We hear ya! Being a busy lady sometimes means eating on the run. The meals and snacks we include travel well and are easy to enjoy on the move.  We also suggest purchasing some glass tupperware (plastic kinda sucks), and pack your meals to go. Eating healthy requires some commitment, but you’ll feel amazing eating a freshly prepared meal.

We ALSO understand that you may not be able to cook all of the time and that’s okay too. We are here to help you navigate healthier take-out and what to do before, during and after social events for you social ladies out there.

What about eating on-the-go?

Can I make changes to the plans or recipes?

We carefully created each recipe to not only taste great, but to be nutritionally balanced. Although each recipe is plant-based, we have noted some options to customize based on your needs and preferences. Most recipes offer meat and seafood options for those who wish to include them.

We also offer a few ideas for substitutions and swaps if it applicable, including nut-free options. If there is a specific food you can’t have - let us know in the group and we can help you come up with something!


I am vegan - will this work for me?

Yes! All recipes are plant-based, with options to add animal proteins for those who are not vegan and wish to include. However, we created each recipe to be delicious even without dairy, meat, or eggs!

Absolutely! Maybe you’re just “veg-curious”, or completely new to vegan dishes. Either way, we encourage you to try the plant-based meals, but you can always add animal protein sources at your discretion, and we will tell you how. 

The goal is not to put pressure on ya, but encourage you to try new things! We think you’ll love how you feel when you eliminate more meat, dairy, and gluten though!

I'm not vegan - will this work for me, too?

I am gluten-free - will this work for me?

YES! We understand the difficulty of this, so we created every recipe to be gluten-free, or easily swapped and made GF friendly. We promise we will always give you a heads up if something isn't GF and direct you in how to substitute. And honestly, intolerance/allergy or not, we think gluten is ew (and we’ll cover why).



any questions we didn't answer for ya?