Hey! You asked, we listened. We've upgraded (and renamed!) the GOOD SCTY. All the same great stuff, plus some new extras, are now available under B+YND CMPNY. Head to b-ynd.com and check us out there! We can't wait to have you. xoxo


Our memberships are sold seasonally or yearly and materials are refreshed every 3 months. Click for more details!


We are two friends (a health coach + a food blogger) on a mission to make a health and wellness lifestyle more approachable for the modern (busy) woman.

What does GOOD mean to us? We think it's the feeling you have when things fall into place. When you find balance. And when you have a place to connect with GOOD, like-minded people.

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We're here to make your life easier. 

The Society isn’t just about eating healthy. Yeah, we cover that with a ton of simple recipes, grocery store how-to's, and meal planning guides, but we also bring in movement and self care, too. We even include support for social situations and emotional eating because, life.

These combine to create balance and a GOOD lifestyle, further supported by a tribe of other women who get you.


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Curious if this is for you? If you want to find a healthy lifestyle you can keep up with all year (aka not an intense detox or juice cleanse), then we think so. 

If you feel like you can benefit from a digestive redo, or need support in figuring out how to balance taking care of yourself and your busy life, or simply need guidance on what to (and what not to) put in your body, it might be. PS: Self Care is possible, and gas & bloating on the reg is not normal.  Just sayin'...


There are a lot of fad diets out there, but THIS is not a diet and it really works! The recipes are super easy to make and are delicious.