The tools to be your best self. All year.

As a society member - you’ll get some pretty sweet stuff to make your wellness journey easier. We aren't just about eating healthy. We want you to find ways a balance using movement and self care, too.

Our goal is to give you the tools so YOU feel powerful and confident when it comes to your health and wellbeing, girl. Doesn't need to a be a summer detox or new years can become a lifestyle year round!


Invest in yourself.

Seasonal Membership
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(that's $4 a week!)

Yearly Membership
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The "I don't have time to read all of this" version...

The Society provides seasonal meal planning tools & exclusive recipes. Video, so you know what the hell you are doing. New moves to get your sweat on and complete from the comfort of your home, no gym required. Extras, where we explain what is worth the hype and what isn't. Some self care support & most importantly a GOOD wellness Tribe, because everything is better with friends.


Or, if you need more reasons, check out the details below! ( each section expands when clicked )

+ Seasonal Guides and Recipes

  • Of maybe most importance to you - we give you guidance on WHAT TO EAT.
  • Access our meal planning workbook which includes templates and tips for weekly planning, daily planning and grocery shopping. We want you to walk away with the knowledge of how to structure your meals - not just throw a bunch of crazy, unrealistic meal plans at you. Only YOU know how your life is structured for the week.
  • Each season - you get 30-40 NEW, SHORT, EASY recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Bevs. (like, 30 mins or less) Oh, and don’t worry we didn’t skip dessert.
  • Photos of ALL recipes! We are visual and we like to see what we are making before we commit.
  • Recipes are typically gluten-free but do offer flexibility and options.
  • Recipes are vegan-based but do offer options for meat, goat cheeses and eggs.
  • But I have a family of 8 (no problem!). But it’s just me and I work until 8PM every night (no problem!). We keep things easy and flexible. That means there’s no kitchen too small, family too large, or schedule too hectic, the society has the GOODs you need.

+ Tribe Support (our fav part)

  • Exclusive access to private Facebook group where you have the support and motivation of other women in the society, plus we are always there to answer your questions!
  • Beyond a tribe of great members, we’ll offer chances for giveaways, promos and more each season!
  • Access to US! Both Jess and Kate will be in the Facebook group DAILY. And always open to emails!

+ Video

  • We think it’s really cool to be able to offer you quick instructional videos for some of the recipes and techniques.
  • You’ll also get live and recorded Q&As with us AND lots of other video content throughout the season!

+ Movement Plans

  • We teamed up with an Angie Stewart, awesome personal trainer to give you a variety of workouts to get strong and lean.
  • All work outs are short, simple, and don't require a gym or equipment. How GOOD is that?
  • Need some modifications due to an injury or life change? No problem. We work with the trainers to make sure you are comfortable with the routines - just shoot us a note!

+ Seasonal Detox

  • Go a step further each season if ya like, and try a whole foods detox.
  • Complete with recipes that eliminate common allergens for a week, so you can pinpoint any digestive issues (wheat, sugar, and dairy - which are already removed from the Society recipes, plus eggs, nuts, caffeine, alcohol and grains).
  • Then, learn how to add foods back in to your diet to continue feeling your best!

+ Bonus Materials

  • Each season, you get additional materials beyond the meal plans to help with your knowledge and overall wellbeing
  • Of the below examples, the documents provided change with the season, you will get a nice sampling of these options each time we release!

Here are some examples of what you’ll find:

  • Kitchen Essentials List
  • Pantry Essentials List
  • Fridge / Freezer Essentials List
  • Social Tips/ Eating Out / Eating on the Go - We know, girl. You’re busy! Let’s make health and wellness as easy and not stressful as possible (and without the annoying questions when out to dinner with friends).
  • Superfoods- What exactly is so SUPER? Do I need them all? Get the benefits and how to determine which you should try.
  • Hippie Chic - Techniques for the modern woman with an interest in holistic health.
  • Eat This Not That - What’s GOOD? What to AVOID? Foods and techniques for common issues and life stages y’all are experiencing like hormone health, IBS, low energy, pregnancy, post-natal, breastfeeding, and the list goes on! (Plus, we want YOUR input on what you’d like to see next.)
  • Our Favorite Things - Go a little behind the scenes and get to know us a little more with our seasonal favs! Kitchen gadgets, FOOD (obvi), workout gear, green beauty, #momlife, career tools. We like to feature stuff that promotes a happy, healthy, vibrant life that makes you feel GOOD.
  • Swaps - Still healthy second options for things. In case you're not feelin' the original suggestion, or just need to switch things up!
  • We call #bullshit List - Our seasonal column of common unhealthy foods that make you believe they are healthy. We want you to feel super-smart and empowered for realizing the truth behind some of these foods that just plain suck. And, we provide better options!
  • Vegan / Veg Curious - Hey, a lot of this stuff is worth exploring if it’s done right! We will give you some cool info about the plant-based lifestyle and protein options but by NO MEANS are saying this is what you should be doing. We don't even label ourselves! We don't expect you to.

+ Self-Love and Self-Care Support

  • We want you to feel healthy both body and mind. We included a Self Love Journal with optional prompts every few days to get you reflecting.
  • We give you a Self Care "Cheat Sheet" and will discuss it in the group to support one another. "I have no time" is just not an OK excuse anymore!

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